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Quincy is a big boned, deep cinching young gelding that is as safe and gentle as you can make a young horse. He has that want to please attitude & disposition that makes him love people and people love him.  He sold in May 2020 at the online Cody Horse Sale.  His new home is on the Northfork of the Shoshone River just outside of Cody, Wyoming.  

See his sale video here.

"Hi Bill/Jody

Hope you are well. Sorry took me so long to reach out to you. Was so hectic getting horses in and settled in. Just wanted to tell you I absolutely love Quincy. I had Mike ride him while I rode Mikes own horse the first ride and then my kids rode Quincy ( all fighting over him as they liked him so much) then I got on him and rode him three days in a row and told everyone that he is my horse. He is honest and gentle and brave. We took him up / down hills over rivers and was just so good. We did some riding in the small paddock did ground poles etc. I cannot thank you enough for putting him out for sale. I feel so blessed. I got over my anxiety of riding a young horse and just love him. He is fantastic!!

Gentle Ranch horses for sale Cody Wyomin



2014 Grey Gelding QUICK TO GAMBLE

Vegas is a gentle, safe and sound 2014 Grey Gelding.  He stands 15H tall and weighs about 1200#.  He is a grandson of TAYLOR FROST TIVIO, along with TYREES WATCH, JET ON AND CHICALEO.


Vegas is a very sensible and safe ranch and mountain trail horse with a great mind, disposition and has been started right.

Vegas sold at the 2019 Cody Horse Sale and his new home is on a Cody Ranch where he is used for trail and ranch riding

See his sale video here.

Bill Oliver American Flag Oliver horses.

BIG John


2012 Blue Roan Gelding BIG JOHN

A "True Blue" Wyoming mountain and trail horse. "BIG JOHN" - 16.1, 1400#'s - There's no mountain too high and no river too wide for this horse.  He's just as quiet and gentle as he is big and strong. "BIG JOHN" was ridden and packed all over the back country of Colorado and Wyoming at Elk Camp and on summer pack trips.  He was used extensively to gather cattle in very rough country and is sure footed and safe as they come.  "BIG JOHN" was well broke and gentle and will fit most levels of riders.  He's the kind of horse that stays gentle and broke with extended periods of time off.  Good horses that are big, safe, gentle, and 100% sound with lots of shape, color and personality like "BIG JOHN" don't come around everyday.

Purchased in 2017 at the Cody Horse Sale.

Watch his sale video here.

Gentle APHA Mare sold at the 2018 Cody H




Elsa was a gentle brown APHA mare  we used extensively in the Absaroka Mountains to guide hunters with many miles in the wilderness. Willingly crosses rivers, down timber and can really handle rugged terrain. She is good to hobble, will picket out by a hind foot, high line, pack and was developing into a great bell mare.


Elsa sold at the 2018 Cody Horse Sale and her new home is in Canada.

See her sale video here.

"It was a big scary step buying a horse without actually laying eyes and hands on it. I have to commend Bill Oliver for his honesty in representing the horse it is everything he told me it was. He was very forthcoming with each and every detail down to the blemish on its front leg. He is a genuine horseman when it comes to turning out quality individuals; if all your consignors have his skill and integrity you have by far the best sale in the west . I am so enjoying my new mount whether riding or just working around it . It is the sweetest natured animal I have ever owned. "

~ Edith Miller in a letter to Cody Horse Sale Team 

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2008 Sorrel Gelding STYLIN FOR CHICS

Romeo was a big sorrel gelding and whether he is leading a big pack string or moving cattle or handling colts - THERE IS SIMPLY NOTHING YOU CANNOT DO ON THIS HORSE. He will carry a flag and has been used in the parades as an outrider horse. Bill used this horse as his main horse to start colts and handle older resistant horses using Natural Horsemanship Techniques.

He was sold at the 2017 Cody Horse sale   


View his sale video here.

Bill Oliver - Cody Horse Sale 2019 Trigg



2014 Palomino Gelding BUCK EYED FRED

Trigger is a gentle, safe and kind 2014 AQHA Palomino Gelding.  He is 15.1H tall and about 1300#.  Trigger has the iconic good looks to go with the name. If you grew up with Roy Rogers like I did you will understand what I’m saying. Trigger is TWO EYED DANDY BUCK, TWO EYED JACK and HOT RODDIN COWBOY bred.


A good looking, thick made, full of personality gelding with no nonsense or bad habits and absolutely no buck.  

Trigger sold at the 2019 Cody Horse Sale and his new home is on a Ranch where he is used for roping and youth riders alike.

See his sale video here.

Gentle Gelding sold by Bill and Jody Oli



2014 Buckskin Gelding WINDWALKER FROST

Buck is a gentle, safe and sound 2014 Buckskin Gelding.  He stands 15.1H tall and weighs about 1200# and is still filling out. This is a GRANDSON of SUNFROST, along with ROYAL QUICK DASH, DASHING VALENTINE, BUGS ALIVE IN 75, outta MI DEPTH and WINDWALKER ALIVE to name a few.

Purchased in 2019 by private treaty he is now a barrel horse, trail riding, and roping prospect.  His new owners love him and use him as an all around horse, even though he is bred to run.

"Bill and Jody - I am honored to own such a well bred and good minded horse.  He is a true testament to what is possible when you look for a good mind, but built to run.  He will be so much fun to see where we go in the barrel pen and then take to the mountain.  Thank you for the opportunity. - Cayde O'Brien"

Colt Clinic 2019-303.jpg



2012 Grey Gelding KL GREEDY FOR MONEY

Cash has all the looks and the pedigree to make a great arena prospect.  He was one of our highest selling horses at the Cody Horse Sale in 2016.


We will have his video loaded again, YOUTUBE removed it for us without any reason.

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