2023 Clinic Schedule

Winter Roping Clinic

May 5-7, 2023 Roping - The W Arena, Cody, WY

Beginner Roping Clinic with Bill Oliver. Get your horse in shape early! Learn all aspects from controlling & positioning your horse to swinging a winning head, heel and calf loop behind the Heel-o-Matic.  $500/participant  - EARLY BIRD $450 if paid in full by Jan 1, 2023                                                    

Colt Starting/Horsemanship

April 13-15, 2023 The Oakley City Arena, Oakley, UT - Limited to 15.  We will be tailoring the class to the participants! Learn from Bill Oliver and his team on how to start your own young horse or Re-Start your previously started  horse. Learn about solving problems with your horse, or get instruction on bits, spurs, bosals, or advanced riding techniques.  Limited to 15 spots.  Register today! $750/rider+horse - EARLY BIRD $700 if paid in full by Jan 1, 2023  Auditors $45/day - $125 for 3 days

Ladies Spring Tune-up

May 14th, 2023 Get your horse ready to ride Ladies – Knock off the winter’s edge and/or attitude, learn new skills from evaluating where your horse’s mind is; identifying gaps in their training and keeping it safe with groundwork exercises and catastrophe drills.  Limited to 15 Riders.  $225/rider, audit spots available: $35/day per person. EARLY BIRD $200 if paid in full by Jan 1, 2023

Colt Starting/Horsemanship

May 18-21, 2023, Rancher and Outfitter Special - 115 Road 2EE - Cody, WY - Limited Space.  Contact us for Pricing and to register. (307) 527-7098.  Audit is Available $35/day - 3 days $90

Colt Starting/Horsemanship

June 1-4, 2023, 20 Colts, 20 Riders, 4 days - 115 Road 2EE - Cody, WY - Limited Space. 

  • Join Bill and his team for a unique four (4) day colt starting clinic at our ranch in Cody, Wyoming.  See first-hand how Bill uses the natural way horses communicate to gain their trust and acceptance of saddle and riders for the first time.   All colts will be unstarted and halter broke.

  • Bill, Jody, and their team will walk 20 participants and their 20 colts through the process of starting them under saddle using natural horsemanship-based techniques.  Colts will go from barely halter broke to riding out with a snaffle by the end of the 4-day clinic. This clinic is for riders of all skill levels and horses not started ages 2-3 years old.    

  • $35/day audit fee, $115 for all 4 days.

  • $750/Horse+Rider (If you want to bring a horse and have us match it to a rider, or if you want to ride a colt and are accepted under the mentorship program, contact Jody (307) 527-7098). - EARLY BIRD $700 if paid in full by Feb 1, 2023 

Bits, Spurs, Bosals - The Big Misunderstanding

July TBD, 2023, Limited Space! - 115 Road 2EE - Cody, WY 

Two Day Horsemanship Clinic: Instruction on history, proper use and progression of different bits, bosals, spurs, and riding skills designed to put all the equipment and instruction into practical use with the finished bridle horse in mind. Take your horsemanship to the next level.  $400/Participant EARLY BIRD $350 if registered by May 1, 2023.  $35/day audit fee

Bill working a young gelding.jpeg

"I have had my horses trained by other big name trainers, but never have I seen a young horse come so far in such a short amount of time as he did in Bill's hands."

~ Rosie D.

"I highly recommend Bill's program to anyone that has anything to do with horses. Young or old you will learn methods that will make your training of your horse so much easier and you will develop a much deeper relationship with your horse. Thank you Bill, Jody and crew for the great clinic at the NILE. I’m so happy I was able to attend. Guess you can teach an “old dog new tricks”. Thanks again!"

~ Ed Hinton, Rafter Diamond QH