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Colt starting  with Bill Oliver Horsemanship

Bill Oliver's Colt Starting Program is unique and effective.  Based on true "natural horsemanship" he starts all colts by driving with another horse, just as they would in a wild herd of horses.  His colt starting program has been taught to novice and advanced horse trainers, from all disciplines, and ages 9-70.  

Join Bill and his team for unique four (4) day colt starting program at our ranch in Cody, Wyoming or sign up to host one in your hometown.  See first-hand how Bill uses the natural way horses communicate to gain their trust and acceptance of saddle and riders for the first time.   All colts will be unstarted and halter broke (although he does welcome the occasional older horse for a re-start using the same techniques). 


Bill, Jody, and their team will walk participants and their colts through the process of starting them under saddle using natural horsemanship-based techniques.  Colts will go from barely halter broke to riding out with a snaffle by the end of a 4-day clinic.

Driving colt to learn to face up.jpg

Rancher/Outfitter Special Colt Starting

May 18-21, 2023

115 Road 2EE, Cody, Wyoming

Clinic Full

Spectators Welcome


Desensitizing colt to saddle and pad.jpg

JUNE Colt Starting Clinic

20 Colts | 4 days

June 1-4, 2023

115 Road 2EE, Cody, Wyoming


Clinic Almost Full

Spectators Welcome


Big Red getting some ground work

NILE Colt Classic

October  2023

Billings, MT

Join us for the 4th annual NILE Colt Classic at the Metra Park in Billings, MT.  This fellowship with the NILE is a great opportunity for youth ages 14 and up to learn Bill's Colt Starting Program and grow as horse trainers.

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NILE Colt Classic


Now part of the Northern International Livestock (NILE) Equine program, The NILE Colt Classic is fellowship of young horse trainers and Bill Oliver Horsemanship.

As a young man learning how to train horses, he will tell you he learned fast that "There are no bad students, just some teachers that could do better".  Bill shares his passion and knowledge with young trainers.  Watch his video below on the 2022 NILE Colt Classic and see first hand how this program is changing young horse trainer's and their own programs. 

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