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Professional Horse Training

Have your horse ridden and trained by one of the most seasoned horseman in the Country. 

On a limited basis, Bill Oliver will accept applications for 30, 60 or 90-Day horse training spots at the ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

$1,800/month includes full board, does not include Ferrier or Vet Care. Please contact Bill at 307-272-7907. References available.

References available

Training Objectives:

1) Psychological face up, join up, follow up and catching.

2) Groundwork techniques to include:

   a. Handling, navigating obstacles on the ground, trailer loading and unloading

3) Desensitization and familiarization with saddling, bridling, unbridling, mounting, dismounting, and handling of feet.

4) Basic riding to include but not limited to:

   a. Flexing the neck and giving to a direct rein without moving their feet.

   b. Clearing the rib and disengaging the hindquarters

   c. Moving out with stimulation for forward motion.

   d. Front end movement including lateral flexation with forward motion.

   e. A safe and proper one rein stop.

   f. Backing up on the diagonals.


Additional training may include introduction of but not limited to the following:

1) A two rein stop.

2) Yielding to the support rein and support foot.

3) Side passing.

4) Begin vertical flexation to yield the poll and lower jaw.

5) Exposure to a round pen and arena setting.

6) Riding outside for exposure to other distractions and stimuli.

7) Advanced training as the horse progresses.



Owner acknowledges that the progression through the above listed training objectives are dependent upon the horse’s disposition, demeanor and temperament. Trainer & Mentor(s) will not be held to a specific training objective based on applied technique. The training progress is at the discretion of the Trainer and Mentor(s) and the results will be commensurate to the horse’s ability to learn and retain the training. No guarantee is made that the horse will perform a specific task at a specific level.




Owner is responsible for shoeing, trimming, worming, routine & emergency vet care as needed, and any supplemental feed requirements. Horse(s) are required to show up in good flesh with current vaccinations, worming and in compliance with state brand and health requirements. Trainer and Mentor(s) are responsible for daily care including feeding, watering and grooming. Quality horse hay is provided by the facility and included in the stated price.




Owner is not responsible for death, injury or damage to the Trainer and Mentor(s) or the training facilities. Trainer and Mentor(s) accepts responsibility for personal injury, death, or property damage while working with the Owner’s horse(s). It is the Trainer and Mentor(s) responsibility to recognize dangerous animal behavior and to correct, stop or change training as needed for human health and safety as well as carry appropriate health and liability insurance coverages related to these activities.


Trainer and Mentor(s) are not liable for any injury or death of the horse(s) while boarded at the Trainer’s facility, while in training, while at other facilities/locations or during transport. If the owner has any concerns, it is recommended they place an appropriate insurance policy on the horse(s) prior to the beginning of the training session.

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