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2023 Horse Clinic and Mentorship Program

Bill Oliver Horsemanship is now booking for the 2023 Clinic Season.  Bill and Jody Oliver and their team have a list of horsemanship and colt starting clinics for beginner and advanced riders in Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.  

The 2023 Season for clinics will also include an exclusive Mentorship opportunity to work one on one with Bill Oliver to learn his program and method of starting young horses the natural way, building a solid foundation to set them up for a successful career for any discipline! 

Also for 2023, we are teaming up again with the Northern International Livestock Exhibition (NILE) and the Equine Director to bring a one-of-a-kind fellowship program for youth!  Contact Bonnie Devinero at the NILE for more information! (406) 256-2497

NILE Colt Classic - Invest in the Future flyer.jpg

2023 Colt Starting and Horsemanship Clinics - Now Booking

We are looking ahead for 2023!  Interested in hosting a colt starting, packing or horsemanship clinic in your area?  Contact us for availability.

Bill Oliver

Horseman ~ Ret. Forest Ranger ~ Teacher

Learn Colt Starting, Horsemanship, and how to communicate better with your Horse from Ret. Forest Ranger and Clinician, Bill Oliver.

~ Unique

~ Genuine

~ Effective

"Whatever your (horse) discipline is... If there's one little thing that I can give you, that you could take away and make your program at home safer.  What is that worth?  Worth a lot."  ~ Bill Oliver

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