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The Trainer's Trainer

Bill Oliver Horsemanship's goal is to help riders of all levels of experience to truly understand the language of the horse and to be able to communicate with them. With over 46 years of experience, Bill is passionate about teaching the principles of True Natural Horsemanship so that you can build a relationship with your horse based on trust and respect.

Whether you’re an advanced horse trainer or a beginner just starting out, Bill Oliver Horsemanship is here to help you develop the skills to read your horse and be the best horseman you can be.


How do you want to learn?


Horsemanship and colt starting clinics for beginner and advanced riders in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Colorado. 

On-line video training options for the horse trainer to continue or begin their horsemanship journey using Bill's proven program techniques. 

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About Bill Oliver

Horseman ~ Ret. Forest Ranger ~ Teacher

Hailing from the Cowboy State, Bill Oliver is proud of his Wyoming home.  At the age of 18 he moved to Wyoming from Northern California to begin working for a hall of fame outfitter.  His years working in the most remote places in the U.S. with horses and mules taught him many skills on working with horses and people.  Today, he shares his knowledge through in-person clinics and on-line training series.

"Whatever your (horse) discipline is... If there's one little thing that I can give you, that you could take away and make your program at home safer.  What is that worth?  Worth a lot."  ~ Bill Oliver

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