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Mentor with Bill Oliver Horsemanship


Come ride with Bill Oliver, a blend of natural horsemanship and "Born out of Necessity" horse trainer. Bill has 50+ years of experience with horses and has handled thousands of horses and mules in his lifetime. He has a style similar to Ray Hunt, but with his added knowledge of handling horses and mules in big country as a guide/outfitter as well as a retired US Forest Service Wilderness Ranger. Horses were his co-workers, friends, and at times a life-line to civilization out of the back country. His unique colt starting program is hands on, and not like any other out there.

Basic Horsemanship Mentor Program - $2900

Working in conjunction with Bill Oliver and the Forward Motion Mentorship Team.

Advanced - Train the Trainer Horsemanship Mentor Program - $3500

Working one-on-one with Bill Oliver to learn his proven colt starting program.

What you will learn:

  • How horses communicate on a natural level

  • How to read horses and leverage this to build a solid relationship with the horse

  • Fundamentals of horse training and handling

  • Proven colt starting and horsemanship techniques

  • Driving horses with another horse (advanced), or on foot (basic) to establish Leadership

  • How to get horses to give their feet to soften their minds

New for 2024 is the opportunity for a select few to learn horsemanship and colt starting from Bill in a one-on-one setting at the ranch in Cody, Wyoming.  NOW ACCEPTING Applications for an Eight (8) day mentorship with Bill covering colt starting and general horsemanship. If you are a horse trainer or clinician, this is a "Train the Trainer's" session with a subject matter expert on how to present a successful clinic.

May 30-June 6, 2023

  • Bring your saddle horse to develop training methods to start colts

  • Start your own colt, or use one of ours to learn.

    • Four Days, of mentorship with your project or one of our colts.

    • Four more days of hands on training with your horse (or one of ours) during the Colt Starting Clinic.

To apply:

  1. Send a video (keep it short please) introducing yourself and why you want to be a part of the mentorship program to

  2. Fill out the short form below giving basic information about yourself.

Requirements to be considered for a Mentorship Spot:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must be able to demonstrate general horse knowledge

  • Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.

  • Proof of drivers license and health insurance required

  • Applicants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.  (Dry camp spots are available on site.)

  • Please note deposits may be NON-REFUNDABLE depending on circumstances.

Train the Trainer Mentorship Application

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