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The Forward Motion Mentorship Program

When Bill Oliver began hosting clinics in 2017 again after some time away, he found himself surrounded by a core group of people that wanted to not only learn his method, but help teach it to others.  Changing the way their programs were run, they could see big changes in their horses and their horsemanship.  Today, the group is led by his wife, Jody Oliver and several Senior Mentors that were a part of the program from the beginning.  As his method continues to grow and help more horse trainers at all levels, the Forward Motion Mentorship Program came to life.  


You will see these mentors working alongside Bill and Jody at their clinics, teaching what they have learned to help pass it on for future generations.  They come from differing backgrounds, but their passion is the same.  If you have attended Bill's clinics, you will hear him ask the crowd as he drives the horse for the first time..."Okay, what's the first thing you're looking for here? Forward Motion!  Just like irrigating your field, you need water at the headgate to get the job done!" 


You have to get moving forward to make a change and continue to build on the foundational methods he teaches.  


Meet the Mentors:


Jody Oliver Senior Mentor.jpg

Jody Oliver

Team Leader

Senior Mentor


Cayde O'Brien

Team Leader

Senior Mentor

Karinthia Herweyer Senior Mentor.jpeg

Karinthia Herweyer

Senior Mentor

Paije Johnson Senior Mentor.jpg

Paije Johnson

Senior Mentor

Brandon OBrien Senior Mentor.jpeg

Brandon O'Brien

Senior Mentor

Racheal Lineberger Senior Mentor.JPG

Racheal Lineberger

Senior Mentor

Art of The Cowgirl - Packing Clinic

August 19-21 - Art of the Cowgirl - Ladies Packing Clinic, Big Timber, MT - CLINIC is full for participating, but you can audit for FREE!

The lady mentors of Forward Motion are SUPER excited to be a part of the Art of the Cowgirl Montana Event!  We are hosting a three day packing clinic full of fun and information.  We have 12 participants coming to learn how to pack, survive, and have fun in the back country.  Our team of mentors are joined by a couple new faces for the clinic!  Sam Greenacre and Katie Horton (both mentored with Bill and his team in 2022 for the first time) will be joining us  at the event!  Below is what we will be teaching!


2022 Montana Event Packing/Wilderness Clinic

Come learn how to prepare your horses and pack an entire camp using practical and proven methods from a group that works and lives in the most remote wilderness.

This group of instructors includes Cayde O’Brien, Karinthia Herweyer, Racheal Lineberger, Katie Horton and Jody Oliver; women that grew up hunting and packing in the mountains, a professional outfitter and hunting guide, a military survival instructor; NOLS instructor, a rodeo cowgirl, colt-starting clinicians and horse enthusiasts. They want to show you how it’s done right and safe for both horse and rider. 

Clinic Outline:

  • History and nomenclature of the Decker and Sawbuck pack saddle system

  • Care, maintenance and proper fit of a pack saddle

  • What to take and not to take into the backcountry: Leave No Trace Principles

  • Grizzly Bear Safety and Survival Skills in the Backcountry

  • Basic knots used in packing

  • Building a balanced load

  • Securing a load using the Decker and Sawbuck System

  • Leading a pack string: rate and control

  • Adjusting and evaluating the load

  • Groundwork and reading your horse

  • Preparation for the breeching (britching) and lead ropes under the tail

  • Foot ropes and hobble training

  • Tailing horses together in a string

  • Horse Containment

  • Bell mares, pickets, high lines, using natural barriers and electric fences

  • Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstration

Learn all the Basics you need to take your first pack trip (group/team setting)